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DLsite is Japan's largest digital retailer of 2D content, which includes games, comics and other doujin works. You can purchase items to enjoy at any time on both PCs and smartphones.

Over 860,000 products to choose from!

Recruitment information for translators

Translators Unite is looking for translators!

You can register for free, and translate any work that has been made available for the service. Remuneration is based on a percentage of sales for works, which is set by circles, or a flat commission fee set by DLsite for specific works. Submitted translations will be sold only after undergoing review by DLsite's native staff. Translators are required to agree to the terms and conditions and provide information on how to receive remuneration.

Translation Tool Overview

For Audio/ASMR

For Manga

Earn greater

rewards the more

you translate

Translators Unite Quest.

Translators Unite Quest is a feature to lend aid to those brave translation heroes who walk the path of bringing translated content to the doujin-starved masses.

When you translate a work that has no existing translations,

you can earn points equivalent to the value you spent to purchase the work!


How are translation rewards calculated?

Translation rewards depend on the reward rates set by creators. Translators are free to choose what works they wish to translate.

How can I select works I want to translate?

You can view all works that are available for translation here:

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Can translated works be sold freely?

Translated works will become available for sale on DLsite after undergoing review from our native staff. The sales price corresponds to the original work.